Bowen Arms Custom Trap Shooting Gun

Bowen Arms. 30 years.

Perfection. No compromises.

Perfection. No compromises.

Handcrafted in Sturgis, North Dakota

Crafted by hand in the Black Hills of South Dakota

Unmatched performance.

Unmatched performance is waiting for you.

We Specialize In Perfection

Our Company

Precision. Innovation. Craftsmanship. Durability. At Bruce Bowen & Company we make the finest competition and sporting shotguns in the world. Each gun is made of high grade steel alloys along with select American, English, Turkish and Claro Walnut wood sets. The steel is machined to exact specifications, heat treated for maximum strength and durability, then re-machined, and finally fitted and polished to a fine luster. Our stocks and forends are CNC shaped from exquisite walnut then finished by hand. Each stock is custom fitted. The concentricity and straightness tolerance on our barrels ensure consistent performance. Our shotguns are designed to win the race. With the Bowen competition and sporting shotguns, the serious competitor will own a shotgun with continuous performance over the years.

We specialize in All American hand made competition shotguns.
Our business is to make the best Custom fitted trap guns made from the finest materials.


Quality of craftsmanship is of utmost importance to the Bruce Bowen & Company team. We strive to make nothing but exceptional firearms of unfaltering performance and appeal that simply "speaks for itself".

In order to accomplish the high quality expected in our guns, we combine traditional gun making techniques with the use of modern CNC equipment. This precision machinery is used to cut each piece of the Bowen Trap Gun out of blocks of steel or wood. We hand fit the actions and finish each part by hand. Every surface inside and out of the Bowen Trap Gun is polished and all internal parts are titanium nitride coated.

The finished result is a beautifully crafted precision instrument made to enhance your performance on the trap line.