About Us

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“The issue with starting and running a business is not about one person, equipment, product or money. It is the implementation and execution of ideas that will ensure success.” ~Kevin Hayden

Approximately 25 years ago, Bruce Bowen built his first gun in Omaha, Nebraska after working in the gun industry for decades. His persistence and determination had finally paid off and this was the beginning of Bruce Bowen & Co. The company grew and at the height of production it employed 10 people in Sturgis, SD. Bruce Bowen decided to retire in 2013 at the age of 69 and close the doors, creating an opportunity for Kevin Hayden to pursue his passion and dream. Hayden Industries is committed to continuing Bruce’s dream of building exceptional firearms. Mr. Bowen will remain part of the company as a professional consultant and advisor. Bowenarms has also created relationships with multiple vendors throughout the world. We have a loyal and widespread customer base!

Hayden Industries LLC and Bruce Bowen & Company began talks in July, 2013 and reached an agreement in September, 2013 acquiring the rights to continue production of the critically acclaimed Bowen Single Barrel Trap Gun.

“The original Seitz design, the historical value and the dynamic evolution of the gun provided by Bruce Bowen & Co shall be preserved! Trapshooting plays an important part in our lives at Hayden Industries and holds a special part in our hearts that every effort will be made to preserve the best dedicated Trap shotgun in the world.” said Kevin Hayden. “Once I first talked to Bruce Bowen and walked through those doors that day. I knew he, and his company was something special and exactly what I wanted to be apart of. To create a quality product that you have so much passion for is indescribably liberating! To me, each peace is a work of art, its own being with its own characteristics and an undeniable special history that we are so enthusiastically continuing in the future! A product that was dreamt, designed, & created by us that will last a lifetime is very special indeed….”

We want our customers to be a part of something special and to feel included in the process of making and building the gun. We want them to be family. It is a truly wonderful thing to create a functioning work of Art! When talented and cooperating people operate in a positive and creative atmosphere amazing things will happen! I want our clients to share this experience!


B.K. Hayden