Our Guns

“The Difference”

PrecisionFor over three decades, every aspect of our guns have been analyzed, scrutinized and has evolved using the finest materials and manufacturing techniques available. The design of the gun permits the least amount of wear by utilizing the removable hinge pin design and allowing us to have the smallest receiver in the industry. This low profile design allows for greater point-ability, balance and less perceived recoil.

QualityWe still believe in hand fitting our parts to allow for the perfect fit and finish. In the Trapshooting World precision is paramount! Every Bowen gun is unique and one of a kind that is designed to win the race. We are shooters too, and that is why we include hand fitted, finely tuned pull and release triggers with every Bowen Trap gun. Our barrels are industry leaders as well, producing a guaranteed 90% pattern density while maintaining tight tolerances and precision concentricity throughout the barrel. All of this is custom fitted to you with the finest wood available while mated to a custom case for traveling. We could go on and on but we believe the gun speaks for itself “Res Ipsa Loquitur”. Come see for yourself and experience the difference. Ask our Bowen team members or come shoot one with us.

B.K. Hayden